Maggie McKeever’s does more than just provide freshly prepared home-cooked meals.

With the extra time you don’t have to spend cooking dinner, we invite you to do something that makes you happy – the more frivolous, the better! 

Eat well, play more!



maggies home how we do things

How we do things

1. We buy the freshest ingredients and make your meals lovingly by hand in Maggie's kitchen

2. Your meals are then delivered to our growing family of stockists 

3. Visit your nearest stockist to grab a delicious Maggie meal

4. Pop in the oven and... presto! You enjoy a meal that tastes just like you made it yourself (maybe even better?) 




More than just mouth-watering easy meals...

Food for thought.

An invitation to put the chores aside and live a little. Life is about moments, cherished memories, space to create. How often have you used the excuse, "If only I had the time?"

If you work long hours or dedicate most of your time to caring for a family, wouldn’t it be nice if for just one or two nights a week you didn’t have to worry about planning and preparing meals? We hope you choose to spend that extra time not on more work, but on something you love to do. Whether it’s chatting to a friend on the phone, dancing in the lounge room with your kids, or taking a bubble bath, we want you to indulge in whatever it is that brings a smile to your face.

 Let Maggie McKeever’s prepare dinner for you, while you do something feel-good, fun and frivolous. Read more about us. 



Maggie's meals

Think of Maggie as your own Grandma, who personally prepares as many meals as you wish each week to help you get on with the important things in life (or just something much more fun). 

Every one of Maggie’s home-cooked meals is lovingly prepared from scratch using fresh, wholesome ingredients, just like Grandma used to make. Maggie McKeever was the ultimate Grandma and loved nothing more than serving up scrumptious comfort food for her friends and family to joyfully devour. With nine children and 24 grandchildren, she soon perfected the art of making delicious meals she knew would please everyone. We’re proudly carrying on that tradition.

Whether you have a family to feed or are just looking to make life easier, we hope you get as much pleasure from serving up Maggie’s favourite dishes at your table as she did at hers.

Maggie's meals are available from the best foodie stockists and our select range caters for everyone. See Maggie's full range.